All You Need To Know

This is me!

Hello, my name is Katarina for all of you who can't pronounce it, or whose just super lazy can call me Kat. I have an amazing husband(well most of the time) he goes by Rion. My favorite color is purple. I love ravens,crows,cats, and bats.Proudly I consider myself a Potter Head. Ravenclaw all the way althought, I do have some very very dominate Hufflepuff traits.I am a Direct Support Proffesional Technition, and a Mental Health Technition, I guess you could say I really like to help people.Photography is my main love which I plan on going to collage for to get my masters degree. Both of my parents own their own buisnesses.I have one brother who I am not going to get into.I really only have one true friend who is a million trillion miles away. I have two cats whose names are Birdy and Pixie. Me and my husband play a lot of video games together, mostly Destiny for the 360.I  grew up in a very small town where people knew everyone and all of their buissness. I really don't know why I started this blog, but I did and I really don't care how many people read it honestly. In the gallary section I will be posting my photos and yes they will have a water mark. I am going to be posting everyday. If there is anything you would like to know about me. You can always ask. 

Extra! Extra!

So this blog is going to be about life lessons, experiances, and just realizations that everyone should have even if it's about something increadibly simple and almost non-existant. Sometimes I might even go into just random bababling but I do PLAN on writing something everyday. If not then I will try to write two the next day. They might be short or may be very very long it all depends on my mood I guess. I am only a 22 year old female, so you never really know what I could come up with. I might also post some DIY projects, or hair ideas or whatever I feel like really. CoolHeart